You will enter this space with a disposition. You may feel melancholy – a piece of music in a minor key is the perfect remedy and will always improve that mood


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Learn to play the piano with Joanne Jolee

You have begun the magical journey to learn to play the piano; a lifelong journey with no limit to how far you can go. The space where you set your piano/keyboard is where you will receive inspiration, healing and intuitive ideas and it will be an inner sanctum to you. Not only is this the place where you will gain a talent, but it is an activity that will benefit your body, mind and spirit.


Set aside a space where you can work uninterrupted, away from the central learn to play the piano hub of your home and preferably where you can close the doors behind you. It is important that you have solitude; no-one may enter uninvited. Place tapestries on the walls to diminish disturbing sounds from the outside. Install a dimmer so the lighting can be adjusted to suit your mood. If you have an interesting view, angle your piano so you can look out while you play.


Surround yourself with lovely things that make you happy. Decorate the walls with photos of the special people who bring deeper meaning to your life. Include images from trips and events that evoke the best memories. Add life to the space with rich green houseplants – some say they respond well to music.

Respect and Gratitude

learn to play the pianoShow your gratitude by keeping this area tidy and clean. Your piano should be kept in good repair, tuned regularly, and never allowed to have clutter to build up on it. Each item in this space is set by design and has a purpose. Next to the piano place a comfortable chair with a throw rug. As part of your session take a break, close your eyes and perform a mental music practice. Take a minute to write in your journal the things that have occurred to you – playing music fires up your brain like no other activity and you must get those ideas down before they slip away. Then, return to the piano for a second run-through of your music with fresh ears and greater focus.

Feel Better

You will enter this space with a disposition. You may feel melancholy – a piece of music in a minor key is the perfect remedy and will always improve that mood. Perhaps you are experiencing elation or agitation – pounding scales and heavy chords will purge the emotions and bring you back into balance. This forgiving instrument can manage you whatever your state of mind! Feeling indecisive? Open a book of piano literature by one of the masters; Chopin, Mozart, Bach – meander through the pages and see what they have to say. Their music is the embodiment of who they were and you can raise their brilliant spirits to life.

Make it happen

While I was raising my children I lived for years in a small apartment and had an upright piano in the living room. My only time to play uninterrupted was while the children took naps – and if they didn’t nap they were instructed to stay in their room and read books so Mummy could have music time. One day I was at the piano, utterly engrossed in the music and unaware that my 3 year old daughter had crept up behind me. She touched me and I jumped out of my skin, shrieked in fright and the poor little one burst into tears. We both had a cry and a hug. I wondered how I could prevent this from happening again – my solution was to install a mirror on the piano so I could see behind me!

Do what you can where you are now to create your inner sanctum.

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