Hi, I’m Joanne! I’m so glad you’re here and I’m going to use this space to tell you a little about myself.

First, I’m a Kiwi, born and raised in beautiful New Zealand, and now a proud U.S citizen.

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I received a classical education in piano literature, music theory and voice through renowned conservatories.  I believe in the power of music to heal and empower and I have spent my life as a musical artist, performing and composing.

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I am an entrepreneur.  My husband and I are a team in our consulting firm, and have worked with many people on their real estate and investment property transactions, renovations, building projects and much more.

Jolee-Jaffa Consulting and Investments


The World

We have traveled all over the world for business and pleasure, experienced different cultures, and made special friends.

Music For All

In 2014, we founded the Jolee-Jaffa Music Foundation, Inc. a 501(C)(3) charitable organization that provides a free music education to underprivileged children, and music therapy classes for seniors suffering from Alzheimer ’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and traumatic brain injury.

Internationally the charity provides ukuleles, music instruction and meals at lesson time to children in a remote Philippine village.

Jolee-Jaffa Music Foundation, Inc.

The Ocean

I love the sea!! I am a lifelong sailor and internationally licensed yacht helmsman.

It’s a joy to get out on the water to recharge, get new ideas and write new music.


All the products I create are designed to inspire and/or deliver the power of music. Learn to play the piano with my six-part piano course and listen to clips from the Get Carried Away catalog for music that can revive and refresh.


My most joyful and rewarding venture was raising five magnificent children – who have produced six precious grandchildren! Learn about our family band, CJA, ‘Arizona’s Best Pop Band’.