If you’re serious about making a core shift in your thinking, strengthening your mind and toning up your body, playing music may be the answer!

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Learn to play the piano with Joanne Jolee

Studies show that relaxing by actively playing music, as opposed to passive activities such as watching television, produce a biological response to stress that goes all the way to the DNA level.

We know that playing music everyday will improve your health and wellbeing. It is a medicine with no pills and no side effects. It brings heightened intuition and creative thought which propels you wherever you are in your life. You are elevated beyond pain, difficulties and depression and enter a meditative state where your mind is clear and you can make decisions.

Perhaps the most important contributing factor to great health and long life is to be happy and playing the piano is simply a happy and joyful experience.

Here are just some of the health benefits of playing music:

  • Increases HGH levels, helping to reverse signs of aging
  • Reduces chronic pain and depression
  • Reduces blood pressure, heart and respiration rates
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system
  • Brings emotions under control helping to eliminate cravings
  • Brings joy and accomplishment, raising self esteem

In the 90s a link was discovered between playing the piano and spatial temporal reasoning. The media picked up on this research and play the pianodubbed it, The Mozart Effect, recognizing that early music training has a direct link to academic achievement in children. Today, studies are showing the enormous benefits of playing music to the physical, mental and emotional health of adults, with only a small investment of their leisure time. The really good news is that playing the piano is an activity you can learn at any stage of your life and you can keep improving well into old age.

So, why is piano the best choice over other instruments? Where most musical devices, such as the violin, can only sound one note at a time, the piano is polyphonic and creates rich and complex harmonies. The piano contains the broadest range of tones of any musical instrument, and its music theory can be applied to any other musical instrument. And with quality keyboards available today at only about $100, getting started is like buying your vitamins!


Making the decision to begin the musical journey is empowering. You experience a heightened level of concentration as you practice.  You strengthen your resolve as you meet challenges along the way, aware of the natural rhythm of enthusiasm followed by growth plateau, play the piano, piano lessonscycling back around to fresh enthusiasm. You improve your ability to focus for extended periods while observing notes, fingering, timing, phrasing and dynamic expressions. And there is nothing more powerful than that sense of genuine accomplishment that comes with personal achievement. Stresses melt away, and the beauty and magic of the music flows through you with its healing power.

So power up your fingers and change your life today with the joy and benefits of making music!


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