It's Not Over Yet

Joanne goes back to her classical roots with original music, decorating works by Percy Shelly, Hesoid, David/Psalm 23, and H.W. Longfellow.

It’s Not Over Yet

      1. It’s Not Over Yet
      2. Kissing (V. 2010)
      3. It’s Not Over Yet (remix)
      4. Vulnerable (live)
      5. Hang On
      6. Everything Matters
      7. Blinded
      8. We are A Family
      9. God Help Us All Then
      10. For Any Fate*
      11. The Lady**
      12. The King of Love (Psalm 23)
      13. What Was I Thinking

Cello on ‘God Help Us All Then’ by Miss Krystle
Derived from ‘A Psalm of Life by H. W. Longfellow
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