Nothing But The Best

CJA (formerly, Wildwood), Joanne’s classical crossover band with daughters, Christine, Leiticia and Krystle.

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Nothing But The Best

1. Nothing but the Best

2. Time
3. Hungry World
4. The Garden Tree
5. Ancient Prayer
6. The Arrow and the Song
7. Midnight Blue
8. Loss – A Teenage Tragedy
9. Heaven Keep Its Hold on You
10. Here is a Woman
11. Sunrise


Album Notes: Classical crossover group CJA (pronounced see-jay) consists of Joanne Jolee (vocals and keyboard and her three daughters, Christine (violin), Leiticia (vocals and violin) and Krystle (vocals and cello). CJA’s musical style is an alchemic blend of European pop, fused with the likes of J.S. Bach and Scarlatti, Celtic folk songs, traditional Irish fiddling and spiritual and poetic influences, as well as disco, opera and techno-industrial elements.

CJA was nominated for “Best Female Band” at the Arizona Infusion Music Awards in 2001 and was named “Best Pop Band in Arizona” as part of the Dream-to-Reality Artists Awards program in 2002, the same year its first album was released.

In 2007 CJA appeared on “The Next Great American Band” as one of 60 bands beating out over 10,000 entrants. See their Fox TV interview

Album Notes:

All music composed and arranged by Joanne Jolee

Hungry World
“It’s a hungry world…hungry for love.” Princess Diana (1961- 1997)

The Garden Tree
From the Song of Songs, 10th century B.C.

Ancient Prayer
Lyric from the Sarum Primer, 1558

The Arrow and the Song
Lyric by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

Loss – a Teenage Tragedy
In loving memory of Gregory Wallace Smith (April 30, 1968 – February 24, 1988)

All orchestrations by Joanne Jolee