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Joanne Jolee is a renaissance soul with a passion to explore, create, and inspire others—whether in the diverse businesses she has developed over the years or in her music, where her conservatory training in piano and music theory has led to her producing twelve original albums and being commissioned to compose numerous other works.

On stage or speaking at an event or coaching 1:1, Joanne is admired for her ability to help others believe that truly anything is possible.

“Some people have a knack for wonderful achievements, Joanne Jolee is one of those people and loves to share her knowledge and vision. She can work a crowd and leave the entire room feeling better about themselves and the world.” —The View/Nearby News

“You are an amazing musician, a fantastic teacher, and a great mentor! You are a great inspiration . . .”

“The effect you had on the room was apparent and your skill and professionalism were second-to-none.”