“I will do no harm. I’ll heal you with my salve and bring you back to life.”

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Executive Producer – Joanne Jolee

Executive Director – Miss Krystle

Producer – Michael Schwahn

1st Crew:


Director – Nick LaRovere

Gaffer/Key Grip – Ruben Nino

Cinematographer – Dominic LaRovere

1st Assistant Camera – Chris Heck

2nd Camera Operator – Christian Hundley

2nd Assistant Camera – Syed Sajjad

Gaffer – Adam Ciampaglio

Actor (mother) – Leiticia Pestova

Actor (child) – Brooklynn Fetter

Hair- Angel Martinez

Makeup – Cyndi Heiselman

Production Assistant – Christie Hutchinson


2nd Crew:

Director – Krystle Delgado

Cinematographer – Will Mank

1st Assistant Camera – Aaron Foster

Gaffer – Ruben Nino

Key Grip – Stephen Cordova

Best Boy Grip – Richard Owen

Hair- Angel Martinez

Makeup – Cyndi Heiselman

Production Assistant – Jayde Williams

Live Audio – Erik Brooks

Consultant Gaffer – Neil Goldstein

Editor – Navid Sanati

Accounting – Lucas Delgado

Costume Design – Lana Gerimovich

Photography – Jason Welsch

Music Mastering – Ken Mary

Drums – Bill Jaffa

Special Thanks:

Rabbi Mendy Deitsch

Karen & Curt Waiseth

Directed by Miss Krystle

Produced by Michael Schwahn

Behind the Scenes


1st Crew

2nd Crew

Angel Martinez

Temple Shoot



Hebrew (Exodus 25:8), “Make for me a sanctuary so I may dwell within them.”


The Kinnor, an ancient Israelite instrument known as ‘David’s Harp’.



Brooklynn Fetter



Leiticia Pestova



Bill Jaffa

Ken Mary

Lucas Delgado

Cyndi Heiselman

Kinnor closeups

Navid Satani