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A musical note is simply a physical frequency. The note is determined by the speed the air is vibrating every second, with one hertz being one vibration per second.

Middle C is an important note because most piano courses begin instruction on this note. The frequency of Middle C is approximately 261HZ.

1. Brand Name

Your piano has 88 black and white keys with Middle C roughly in the middle of your piano. Your piano may have the brand name engraved above the keyboard, and this is most often directly above Middle C.

play the piano -Middle C

2. Arrangement of Keys

The black keys are arranged in groups of two and three. Find a group of two black keys, and the white key to the left is a ‘C’.

3. Scientific Name

The official name of Middle C is ‘C4’ because it is the fourth C from the bass (left) on an 88-key piano.

This diagram shows all the ‘Cs’ on a full piano of 88 keys. Your piano or keyboard may have 76 or 61 keys.

Now have some fun – go to your piano and find all the Cs including Middle C!

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