Dear Friend,
Life is a continual process of letting go. It’s often painful and difficult, but a critical component to a productive life. Time to Let Go is about that moment when you realize you must let go or be consumed. So here’s to throwing off the weight that stifles our joy for living!

Time to Let Go – the music


Time to Let Go-the lyric

I was holding on for dear life
Clinging with all my might
I heard the voice of a sage say
Time to let go
And with an aching in my breast
I stepped out on to the edge
Unsure if I could let go

It doesn’t matter
About the pain
It’s all done
It’s all changed
What’s the point in going
Over and over
It again
Like a demon on your back
It’s been carving out a crack
One way or another
This will be the end

So goodnight to you
Familiar friend
Our time has come
And I lay you to rest
Won’t have my heart
Turned to stone
Or see my soul
Numbed to the bone

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
He leads me
He guides me
He restores my soul
(He leads me, He guides me, a table before me)
Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
(Goodness and mercy all my life)
He is with me


© 2013 Joanne Jolee, Pinnacle American Records, LLC (BMI)




Letting Go – of what?

1. Material – we enter and leave life with nothing

2. Dreams – unrealistic expectations

3. Memories – hurtful and traumatic experiences

4. Guilt – for wrongs we’ve done

4. Bad Habits – put childish ways behind you

5. People – destructive and draining influences


Letting Go – how?

1. Thankfulness. Extract what good you can find from painful experiences and be thankful for the lessons learned.

2. Take Responsibility. It’s your life and only you will answer for it.

3. Confess. Admit, without excuse, sins you have committed. Repair damage and seek forgiveness if possible. Forgive yourself.

4. Evaluate Relationships. Keep destructive people out of your inner circle.

5. Revise the Script. Update the words you say to reflect your growth.

6. Take Opposing Action. When negative feelings threaten to overcome you, do something charitable to help dissipate the emotions.

7. Admission of End. When it’s clearly hopeless (e.g. divorce, death) grieve as quickly as you can. Remember that you are still alive and your loved one would want you to move on.


Letting Go – Hope

There are things that we never give up on, like our children, and many times situations that appear hopeless eventually turn around. This song is about letting go and waiting patiently for those changes to come.

It Turns Around
You tried, you did the best you could
You did way more than anyone should
The tighter on you try to hold
The more it’s clear you’ve no control

Don’t let it get you down
Hope and pray and wait
Until it turns around
It turns around

How love can hurt and heal our hearts
Can’t know the ending at the start
Heaven moves in its own time and ways
Won’t hurt you to hold onto faith

© 2012 Joanne Jolee, Pinnacle American Records, LLC (BMI)