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Healer, is about the extraordinary power of music and is based on one of the oldest records of music therapy as depicted by Rembrandt in his, Saul and David. Read on to find out more about the song, miraculous new music therapies and more.

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Healer – the video


Healer – the lyric

What is this coming over you
Making you crazy
Like the black of night terrified you say
What is happening to me
Try to escape
Close your eyes
You won’t get away ‘cos it’s hiding inside

And I know you and I love you
I’ll touch you
And reach deep inside you
And deliver you from the dark daeva

I am your Healer

Always there in the shadows
Biding its time
Pain shame and failures
Torment your mind
Try to escape the damned curse
Reach up
Cry out
Heaven has heard

And I know you and I love you
I’ll touch you
And reach deep inside you
And deliver you from the dark daeva

I am your Healer

I’ll hold you in my arms
Fill you up with calm
And chase away the night
I’ll do no harm
Heal you with my salve
And bring you back to life

©2014 Joanne Jolee, Pinnacle American Records, LLC (BMI)






Images from the recording and mixing of Healer



Recording and mixing Healer with Bill Jaffa, Ken Mary and Miss Krystle

Recording and mixing Healer with Bill Jaffa, Tyler Nervig, Ken Mary and Miss Krystle

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An Ancient Record – the painting



An Ancient Record – the story

One of the oldest accounts of music therapy dates several thousand years ago. Saul, the first King of Israel, was tormented by demons and so a skillful musician was sought to play for him. David, a shepherd boy, was brought to the palace to play his harp for the king. When the demons were tormenting him, David would play, the demons would leave and the king would feel better. Though Saul was profoundly helped by the music as a passive listener, David not only was able to impart that kind of power through his acquired musical skill, but he later faced and killed the giant, Goliath!


Rebirth of a Philosophy – Plato

Joanne-Jolee-healer-music-school -of-athensOur relatively new understanding about the power of music is nothing new at all. It is an ancient philosophy that was lost, and is now experiencing a rebirth. What a thrill for me earlier this year while on a tour of the Vatican in Rome, to see Raphael’s famous fresco, ‘School of Athens’, with Plato in the center holding in his left hand his treatise, Timaeus, from which I often quote.



The Power of Music – latest research

Exciting new research comes from neurologist and music therapist, Dr. Kamal Chemali, Director of Sentara Music and Medicine Center. A patient had a left hemispheric stroke in the language area and was paralyzed on the right side. She was able to think of words but not speak them. Traditional speech therapy was applied, but after 20 months she still was unable to speak a sentence.

Dr. Chemali applied his new procedure, Melodic Intonation Therapy, and after only a few minutes the patient while tapping a rhythm with her good hand, was able to sing a simple phrase. After four weeks she was able to say the sentence without music! Dr. Chimali said, “Some people say this is a miracle, and indeed it is. This is the power of music.”

Click on Dr. Chemali’s image to watch him discuss his findings:


That’s Music – CJA

Here is one of the first songs I wrote for my band (with three of my daughters, CJA) all about the power of music.

Let the music
Take you high
Bring you down
Make you alive
Feel the vibrations on your skin
Moving deeper, deeper in

That’s Music

Soft, the timbre of the strings
Move your heart and make you sing
Strong the power of the beat
To move a sleeper to his feet

Let the music find a way
To speak the words you cannot say
Let it weave its magic – find a path
leading straight to the heart

Copr 2002, Joanne Jolee, Pinnacle American Records (BMI)

Behind the scenes filming 'Healer'

Behind the scenes filming ‘Healer’