Many people are asking if they should put their children back into the public education system. Here is what I know from homeschooling my five children K-12.

1. FLEXIBILITY – Homeschooling is not public school at home. It is more akin to one-on-one tutoring. We have flexibility in methods which is important because every child is unique and learns differently.

2. SEIZING THE MOMENTS – In the homeschool we can take advantage of interests in the moment. If a child gets excited about a topic then we can stop everything in its tracks to take full advantage of the learning opportunity.

3. FREEDOM – Homeschooling families have the freedom to do exactly what they want. If we want to take advantage of off-season airfares or take trips during the week to places that are crowded on the weekend – no problem!

4. INDEPENDENCE – Homeschoolers learn early how to organize their lives and they tend to be self-starters and leaders.

5. INTEGRATION – In public education children of the same age are grouped together in a space all day. In the homeschool there is age integration which is healthier and fosters leadership skills.

6. NO FAILING – At home, no-one falls through the cracks or fails – the parent knows what the child knows and we simply work at it until there is understanding.

7. NO BULLIES – Our kids just don’t need to be bullied and suffer daily miserable peer pressure, in order to grow up normally. Childhood is so short and there is plenty of time for the rest of their adult lives to get attacked and beaten up….on social media platforms where there is rampant cruelty and no justice. At home, justice can be served quickly and fairly.

8. SOCIALIZATION – Research has proven that this is just not an issue – homeschooling children are not isolated and they don’t struggle socially.

9. VALUES – At home, you can teach your values and religious persuasion as you see fit. God gave your children to you, and you are ultimately responsible for them.

10. What about my job and career?

11. What about difficult subjects?

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