Your Time to Play

Recreate with music. RE-create your life.


Your Time to Play, Sample Pages

Welcome! Here are sample pages from Book One of ‘Your Time to Play’’. The course begins with the assumption that you know nothing about music and the first lessons clearly explain the beginning fundamentals. If you have had any previous music lessons then this will be good review. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Joanne Jolee 

**The theory worksheet reinforces the music facts you learn in the lesson.**


**Your fingers have muscles that need to be stretched and strengthened. Finger exercises are assigned on the lesson pages and give further practice with the notes and theory concepts you are learning.**

By Lesson 10 you will be reading music and playing with both hands! Step-by-step we add one note, or concept which allows you plenty of time to absorb what you’re learning. Listen to the audio demonstration of the piece with a metronome clicking and hear the correct timing. When you can play the piece perfectly, have fun playing along with the accompaniment track.