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new music

Truth is a Lion

“Epic sounding production and angelic harmonies.”

“A symphony of beautiful sounds interpreting the strength and power of true words.”

live in concert

The Night Will Be Filled With Music

Experience the power of music with Joanne Jolee and the Symphony of the Southwest.

piano course

Your Time to Play

Feel Better. Be Happy. Play the Piano. Award winning self-teaching piano course by Joanne Jolee gives you the tools to be able to read and play any style of music from classical to popular.

“We are so grateful for this way of learning to play the piano. Thank you so much!”

“A Passionate Advocate”

“Joanne Jolee is a passionate advocate for the power and benefits of music. For adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, or just the stresses of modern living, she reminds us of the power that music holds to heal and nourish. Joanne Jolee is an excellent speaker: professional, vibrant, compelling. I highly recommend her for music mentorship or music advocacy: she truly walks her talk!”
Lisa Schmidt, MS, CYT, E-RYT, Arizona State University

philanthropic work

Jolee-Jaffa Music Foundation

Joanne is the co-founder and Executive Director of JJMF, an IRC section 501(c)(3) IRC, not-for-profit organization.” Bringing the power of music to the underprivileged.

Clip from “Stand for You” the official song for JJMF

Just for you!

Get Carried Away

Music designed to revive and refresh

“it made me feel happy and peaceful“
“therapeutic and soothing”
“so inspiring”

“Love Peace Joy”, from REVIVE

Music can change the world.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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