Your Time to Play Gift Boxed Set


  • Presented in a quality rigid box it is THE PERFECT GIFT for loved ones looking for new ways to enrich their lives and others wanting to restart piano lessons. Includes links to the online version with all audio and video files embedded into the pages.
  • FULLY ORCHESTRATED ACCOMPANIMENTS make practicing a delight.
  • DEMONSTRATIONS. All music in the course is demonstrated on video.
  • COST EFFECTIVE. A 2 year course which would typically cost $2,400 in traditional lessons!
  • ALL IN ONE WORKBOOK. Each lesson teaches a music fact through a performance piece and is followed by a theory worksheet for written practice.  Finger exercises are assigned to stretch and strengthen the finger muscles.  Joanne’s inspirational stories and quotes are integrated into the  series to provide mentoring and encouragement along the way.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Online help is available as students work through the course

Playing the piano everyday will improve your health and wellbeing. It is a medicine with no pills and no side effects. Playing music brings joy and has the power to change your life.

Your Time to Play is a six part, step by step piano/keyboard program that uses music as the way to bring significant change to your life.  It is a time proven method that gives you the tools to be able to read and play ANY style of music from classical to pop.

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Each of the six books is approximately 4 months of lessons.

Here are some of the music fundamentals taught in Your Time to Play:

  • Introducing the music staff
  • Measures and bar lines
  • The time signature
  • Beginning hand positions
  • Rests
  • Notes on the treble and bass staves
  • Duration to the eighth
  • Dotted notes
  • Dynamic symbols
  • Intervals
  • Key signatures
  • Musical phrasing
  • The diatonic scale
  • Building major scales
  • Intervals of the major scale
  • Meter including compound and irregular times
  • Note stem direction
  • Leger notes
  • The elements of music
  • The science of sound
  • About the piano
  • Sharps, flats and naturals
  • Half and whole steps
  • Musical terms
  • Grace notes
  • 1st & 2nd endings, repeat bars
  • Triads of the major scale
  • The metronome
  • Italian terms
  • Composition analysis
  • Preparing for performance