Dear Friend,
REPRIEVE was an absolute joy to create and I’m thrilled to announce its completion. Receive free with your order a copy of my gift book, The Power of Music – read page excerpts and listen to music below. This will make a perfect holiday gift so order today to get your copies in time.
Best to you.

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REPRIEVE: to give relief or deliverance to for a time

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FREE With Your Order
The Power of Music, daily music making for health and wellbeing

“Daily music makicover-joanne-jolee-power-of-music-redng is fast becoming a popular health and wellness alternative, but it is simply the rebirth of an ancient philosophy. We know that music is naturally therapeutic. When we play, our energies are channeled     constructively and we are carried away from our troubles. It puts us in touch with our feelings, and brings joy.  This has been my life and experience as a musical artist.” Joanne Jolee

2             A Lollipop Tree      
4             The Power of Music
6             A New Trajectory
8             An Ancient Record
10           Small Things
12           Father of Musical Harmony
14           The Musical Journey 
16           Light and Pitch Correlations
18           Music, Health and Wellbeing
20           Facing Fear
22           The Spectrum and the Scale
24           Talent
26           The Musical Scientist 
28           Making Mistakes
30           Making Changes
32           King of the Instruments
34           The Aim of Music

Listen to Magenta Cascade – a clip from REPRIEVE