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Joanne Jolee - betrayal, betrayal lyrics

joanne jolee

Joanne Jolee - betrayal, betrayal lyrics




Looking at your sorry face

Trying to find the slightest trace of

The one I thought I knew

Tried to denigrate and crush me

Pull the rug from under my feet

I couldn’t believe what you would do


And I really do know

That I have to let it go


But I want you to be sorry

I want you to pay

Didn’t deserve the trash

You threw my way

You don’t have the power

To make or break me

You just fired off your rounds

And left yourself empty


I know I did not fail

It was all your betrayal

Though it doesn’t help the pain of this sever

I had strength to change and choose

It’s not a game but you lose

I was good then, now I’m better


And I never could have known

About this new place I’m going


I won’t rejoice

At your bitter end

You tried to break me

I didn’t bend


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