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Scientific research shows that playing music improves your health and sharpens your mental focus. Take a tour of the easy to follow lessons.
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The latest classical crossover music by Joanne Jolee, featuring works derived from Schubert, Bach, and Scarlatti.

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If you’re serious about making a core shift in your thinking, strengthening your mind and making your body healthier, playing the piano or keyboard is the answer.

Studies show that relaxing by actively playing music, as opposed to passive activities such as watching television, produce a biological response to stress that goes all the way to the DNA level. Perhaps the most important contributing factor to great health and long life is to be happy and playing the piano is simply a happy and joyful experience.

Designed for music lovers with or without a musical background Your Time to Play is a pressure free approach to learning to play the piano or keyboard and includes easy to follow lessons, motivating stories and quotes as you go. It is the perfect gift for anyone who has dreamed of playing the piano, or is looking for new ways to enrich their lives.


Power up your fingers and tap into the empowering and healing qualities of music TODAY!

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